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Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins to Improve Client Relationships

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Improve your website’s usability and conversion rate by streamlining communication with consumers. Including a live chat feature on your website is a great approach to meet this need. Nearly 80% of internet shoppers say they prefer this kind of contact because of its speed.

WordPress users may choose from a variety of live chat plugins that speed up the process of contacting support or obtaining further information about a product. However, with so many options, picking the finest WordPress plugin may be challenging. To help you choose the finest live chat solution for your WordPress website, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 live chat plugins for WordPress, along with information on essential features, costs, and ratings.

What is a chatbot for WordPress?

A chatbot is a piece of software that employs AI to have virtual conversations with website visitors. It’s a good replacement for live chat, which some companies find too expensive or inefficient. Unlike a human, who would rapidly get overwhelmed by having to answer a dozen questions at once, a chatbot can maintain numerous conversations at once.

WordPress, a free and open-source website builder, has a number of chatbot plugins available both from the WordPress community and from outside developers. Any company operating a WordPress site may benefit from this useful tool. However, they serve other purposes as well. There are currently a plethora of WordPress chatbot plugins that can interact with various channels and carry out a variety of tasks, from lead generation to data collection. The following sectors make use of chatbots, however this list is not exhaustive:

  • eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Customer service
  • Tourism and travel
  • Finance and banking
  • Grocery stores and restaurants

How useful is a WordPress chatbot?

A chatbot plugin for WordPress is like having a virtual assistant (or valet) for your website. When you enter, it greets you warmly, helps you find your way around if you’re lost, responds quickly to queries, and directs you to the appropriate person if it can’t handle the job itself. Customers won’t have to wait as long for help after hours if this service is available to them. Further, it prevents reps from having to abandon more pressing cases to answer basic inquiries.

A chatbot plugin for WordPress serves two purposes. To begin, it streamlines your ability to save time and deliver individualized support by automating routine contacts across a variety of channels. Second, it utilizes these interactions to glean useful data about your clientele, their habits, and ways to improve your online customer care.

WordPress Live Chat Plugins

best wordpress live chat plugins

WordPress’ official plugin page has thousands of options, so it might be difficult to choose the right one. To aid you in making a decision, we have researched, tried, and compiled a list of the top WordPress live chat plugins, along with information like major features and pricing structures.

3CX Live Chat


With 3CX, a chat plugin for WordPress, you can have live conversations with your site’s users via text, audio, or video calls. A unified web-client dashboard gives users access to and control over all of these capabilities.

An easy-to-use wizard walks you through the majority of the installation procedure. Begin by signing up for an account with 3CX, and then add the live chat URL to your WordPress dashboard, before clicking Save Changes.

With 3CX, you can modify the look of the chat window, specify office hours, and more, all within the context of your live chat capabilities.

In addition, the live chat for WordPress widget allows you to collect client information (names, emails, etc.) in order to identify and add new users to your contact list. You may also use this online client as a dashboard, from which you can respond to incoming calls or chats.

From this central hub, you can also delegate chats to specific agents, review past conversations, and close out concerns.

3CX Live Chat’s free plan is great for small organizations because it allows for up to 10 users without breaking the bank. If you need more storage space or more bandwidth, you may upgrade to one of its premium plans starting at $145 per year.



Tidio is an effective business communication tool that is both easy to use and flexible. It has a wide variety of integrations that can boost marketing and user satisfaction.

Tidio’s setup and configuration process is simple and intuitive, making it ideal for folks who aren’t tech-savvy but still want to give it a try.

After signing up for Tidio, the installation wizard will walk you through the remaining stages, such as selecting a name for your agent, customizing the look of your chat window, and selecting a language.

The live chat dashboard is user-friendly, so your representative can interact with clients in no time. User information like as email addresses, geographic locations, Internet Protocol addresses, and pages visited may all be accessed in the WordPress admin area.

Tidio may be linked to other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Tidio also supports integration with other popular online marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Hubspot.

The live chat service also includes features like a built-in AI chatbot and a speedy response time. Tidio provides several pre-made chatbot replies, such as standard greetings, FAQs, and even breaking news!

In addition, the chatbot may be set up to do a number of marketing automation functions, such as managing leads, converting paid marketing traffic, and providing discount vouchers to site visitors.

The free tier of Tidio’s service provides access to many of the app’s most useful capabilities, although with certain restrictions. This live chat for WordPress software has premium subscriptions starting at $19 per month, making it affordable for even medium- to large-sized enterprises.

Pure Chat


The Pure Chat widget is a well-known IM tool because of its simplicity and adaptability. User tracking and a dedicated report page are two more features of this live chat plugin.

When you add the Pure Chat plugin to your WordPress site and activate it, a new menu item will appear in your WordPress dashboard with instructions for making an account. The signup and setup procedures are straightforward and easy to follow, even for newcomers.

The dashboard is where you’ll make all your settings when the setup wizard has finished walking you through the process. Users may enter and administer chat rooms, extend invitations to team members, and monitor the amount of websites’ active visitors.

This live chat widget is equipped with in-depth analytics tools that log data like the number of interactions, the average response time, the length of chats, and user feedback ratings. To use these findings in a report, users can export them to a.csv file.

Sending chat transcripts by email is made possible with Pure Chat, and you may access an endless archive of past conversations. Finally, you may adjust the look of the chat window to coordinate with the rest of your site’s design with this WordPress plugin.

Pure Chat’s yearly package starts at $39/month and supports up to four operators or live chat agents. Those interested in testing out all of its features can do so for free for 30 days.

Tawk.To Live Chat


Tawk.To is live chat software that improves your website’s user experience by allowing you to have an infinite number of free discussions with your customers. You can keep in touch with your customers, learn more about them, and boost conversions with the aid of our WordPress live chat plugin.

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can begin configuring the chat widget and setting up your Tawk.To account under the Settings -> Tawk.To menu in your WordPress dashboard.

Users will be prompted to build Properties and chat widgets during setup, both of which will eventually be linked to their WordPress site. To pick a property and widget, simply return to your WordPress dashboard.

You may access the Tawk.To admin panel once you have set up your account and included the chat widget into your website. Users may manage their live chat widgets and utilize supplementary services here, such as visitor tracking and statistics.

Tawk.To users may compile a searchable knowledge base that can be accessed by site visitors directly from the chat box. Your client service will be more effective and enjoyable if you do this.

There is no cost to use any of the features offered in the live chat. Getting started with Tawk.To is as simple as making an account on their website.

Additional functionality for live chat can be purchased as an add-on by users. The use of live chat agents or virtual assistants, the elimination of chat box branding, and the addition of video and screen sharing are all examples.

Live Chat by Formilla

Formilla Live Chat is a live chat solution designed to make communicating with WordPress sites easy through the use of chatbots and other channels. All of these functions may be accessed from the same easy-to-navigate interface on both desktop and mobile apps.

After registering up for Formilla Live Chat and downloading the plugin, users may begin using the service right away. Core live chat capabilities such as personalized scripted replies, proactive conversation options, and group chat creation are all available with this plugin.

Formilla’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are the product’s crowning achievement, enabling more efficient live chat service.

Create a Custom Bot to do typical sales and support activities, or use the Helper Bots to automate replies to frequently asked inquiries.

Formilla isn’t limited to only providing live chat help, either. Conversion rates may be boosted through the use of real-time visitor tracking and contact management. It also includes marketing tools like email and in-app notifications.

Keep in mind that these functions are reserved for the more expensive premium plans, which begin at $17.49/month for a two-year membership. However, Formilla provides a free subscription with unlimited conversations and a single chat agent for small enterprises.



If you run an online store and want to offer live chat help to your customers, Smartsupp is a great option. Improve your site’s user experience with this easy live chat plugin, which includes tools for critical communication and customer service.

This WordPress plugin requires little configuration before usage. By logging into your Smarsupp account, you’ll have instantaneous access to live chats, messaging, real-time visitor tracking, and detailed discussion analytics.

You may also build and set up chatbots powered by AI right here. Proactive messaging, online shopper assistance, and frequently asked questions are just some of the jobs that these chatbots may complete.

Smatsupp’s capacity to accept user-submitted screencasts is another one of its kind. Because agents can see user behavior and learn exactly where users are getting stuck, help is simplified.

Most importantly, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is met by Smartsupp. This is crucial, as the vast majority of chat plugins for WordPress may be used to steal personal information from unsuspecting users. If you use WordPress and are concerned about GDPR, Smartsupp has you covered.

Smartsupp’s premium subscriptions start at $19/month when paid annually, and they offer access to all of the app’s essential features. You may test out all of these functions for free for 14 days. The free, albeit limited, version of Smartsupp is available for personal websites and independent contractors.



If you need a simple and uncomplicated live chat for WordPress solution that provides unlimited free interactions, Crisp is a good alternative.

This live chat plugin for WordPress is easy to set up and looks sleek and professional.

Live chat, a contact form, and mobile and desktop applications are just some of the main real-time support functions available to consumers after signing up for the free plan in this box.

Live chat workers, meanwhile, may read consumer messages using a straightforward interface and quickly carry out other crucial duties like problem-solving and chat transfer.

In addition to the live chat functionality, this plugin also automates email marketing and contains chatbots.

To further assist your site’s users, you may construct knowledge resources with software like Crisp Helpdesk. Use the built-in analytics tool to learn more about your customers’ demographics and preferences.

By monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators like chat response time and customer happiness, you can enhance support effectiveness.

Integration with third-party programs and a dedicated email IP address are just two examples of the plugins available for this live chat software.

Crisp’s two live chat agent seats in the free plan make it a wonderful option for startups. However, if you’d like access to the premium capabilities of this WordPress chat plugin, you can subscribe for as little as $25 per month.

Facebook Chat Plugin

One of the features that set Facebook apart from its rivals was its integrated instant messaging capability. It evolved into Facebook Messenger, a standalone live chat service available on desktop and mobile.

Many online companies now utilize Facebook Messenger for all of their client communication and live chat support needs. The service also has a live chat plugin specifically designed for use with the WordPress content management system.

Keep in mind that in order to use the chat widget on your WordPress site, you will first need to possess a Facebook profile. Once you’ve got one set up, you can link the chat widget by going to Settings -> Facebook Chat in your WordPress dashboard once you’ve installed and activated the chat plugin.

Configure the plugin’s settings, such as automation, welcoming messages, and the chat box’s look, after you’ve linked it to your Facebook profile. When you’re ready to show the conversation bubble to the public, click the Publish button.

To read and answer messages from multiple channels, including the WordPress live chat plugin, go to your Meta Business Suite. The interface also includes a planner and Facebook advertisement management.

Using the Facebook Messenger plugin, you may take use of a number of helpful live chat features, such as notice of your availability and up to three prewritten responses.

Visitors may still receive live chat help even if they don’t have a Facebook account thanks to this plugin.

Using Facebook Chat doesn’t cost you a dime. As long as you have a Facebook Business account and a specific page for your business, you may take advantage of all of its functions.



WSChat is a powerful and feature-packed WordPress live chat plugin that will help you provide better service and interaction with your site’s visitors. WSChat is a great solution for companies of all sizes to have live, two-way communication with their website visitors because of its intuitive design and robust features. The best aspect is that there are no costs associated with using this plugin. The paid edition, however, has many extra options.

Integrating with popular platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce is a breeze thanks to WSChat. The plugin requires zero technical know-how to install and configure. After WSChat has been installed, a chat box widget may be added to any page of your site and styled to fit your needs.

WSChat’s many helpful features make it a great choice for improving your communication in real time. Using real-time messaging, you can instantly communicate with website visitors and respond to their questions and concerns. The ability to check chat transcripts makes it much simpler to keep a complete customer service record.

WSChat allows users to pre-set replies to common questions. By using these standard, predefined responses, you can quickly and reliably address common inquiries. The plugin also allows users to share files during the conversation, which may be useful for exchanging large files or sending photographs and screenshots.

WSChat also has a lot of room for personalization. The chat widget may be styled to fit your website’s aesthetic in terms of color scheme, font, and location of the chat box. In addition, the plugin supports multiple agents, so several people may participate in a conversation with a consumer at once.



LiveAgent is a customer service solution that provides a full-featured WordPress live chat plugin to improve contact with customers. For businesses who want to simplify their support operations while also raising customer happiness, it offers a wealth of useful tools and connectors.

The LiveAgent plugin has an easy-to-use interface that walks you through the steps of installing and customizing it. The chat widget’s look, automatic answers, and help tickets may all be modified after installation.

You can handle requests from numerous channels, including email, social media, and phone calls, with the multi-channel support tool. Agents can better assist clients by viewing what they are typing in the chat box in real time.

You may gain useful insights into how well your customer service is doing thanks to the built-in analytics and reporting tools. To further improve productivity and response times, the platform makes use of cutting-edge automation and routing tools to route client questions to the most qualified agents.

You may try LiveAgent risk-free for 14 days to see if it meets your business’s needs. After the free trial ends, you can upgrade to one of many premium options, beginning at $9 per agent each month. Users also have the option of using a free version of the plugin, which does have certain restrictions.

WP Live Chat by Chaport

If you’re searching for a fun and simple method to get in touch with your clientele, Chaport is a fantastic option. This live chat plugin is great for newcomers because it can be installed with no technical settings required.

Create an account with Chaport and proceed to the live chat dashboard. To add Chaport to your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Installation Code > Copy App ID and then paste the copied ID into the appropriate field.

With the help of this live chat plugin, you may receive superior live chat service. In order to increase conversion, conversion rate, and lead capture, users can use chatbots to assist the support team in answering frequently asked questions.

Connecting your live chat widget to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Viber opens up the possibility of a plethora of communication channels. Using offline messages, which are available through Chaport even when all operators are down, you may continue communicating with users who have abandoned your website.

You may also have group conversations with numerous support representatives by inviting them. Finally, the Chaport chat widget is available on the web, on desktop computers, and on mobile devices.

Basic features like as unlimited chat, a 60-day conversation history, and widget customization are available to Chaport’s free plan users. The premium edition, which includes access to additional services, may be purchased for as little as $19 per month.



If you use WordPress and want to provide better support to your customers, Reve Chat is a powerful plugin that can assist. It supports a broad variety of integrations with third-party services and channels of communication.

You may streamline your in-the-moment customer service with this live chat software’s automated triggers and pre-written replies. Users can employ this function to automatically route conversations to the most appropriate agent.

When combined with a live chat widget, the drag-and-drop chatbot builder may greatly improve your company’s responsiveness and service capacity.

The nine pre-made chatbot designs cover a wide range of uses, from frequently asked questions (FAQs) and feedback collecting to lead generation.

Reve Chat is a free program that integrates video and audio chatting, shared web surfing, and screen sharing into your existing chat interface. Customers will have less issues accessing your WordPress site thanks to these additions.

You may change just about anything about the live chat widgets. You may customize the design of the chat widgets, from the color scheme to the icons used in them.

You may enhance client engagement and perhaps boost conversions with the aid of this WordPress live chat plugin’s powerful analytics system.

Live chat services from Reve Chat begin at $12/month per agent on a yearly contract. The chatbot features come at an added fee to users, starting at $39 per month for a two-year subscription.

If you’re thinking about subscribing to this WordPress chat plugin, make sure you try it out for 14 days first.



LiveChat is a robust WordPress plugin with many useful features, one of which is the ability to issue proactive chat invites with customized messages.

Automated answers, customized messaging, and post-chat surveys are just a few of the capabilities that may help you better interact with customers and provide superior assistance. You may adjust several of these settings to suit your individual needs and tastes.

The chat widget’s extensive personalization options make it simple for users to make polished conversation spaces. With this WordPress plugin, you may modify the widgets’ look and placement, among other things.

In addition, the live chat add-on streamlines communication with customers. LiveChat supports numerous chat windows, chat tagging, pre-written replies to frequently asked questions, and file transfers within the chat window.

You may embed the chat widgets on any page of your site, including the purchase confirmation page.

This live chat plugin for WordPress is simple to set up and use. It works with the most popular WordPress page builders including Beaver Builder and SiteOrigin.

Additionally, no additional customizations to your WordPress theme are required for LiveChat to function properly. In addition, it works with popular shopping cart solutions like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Ecwid.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email marketing tools like MailChimp and Salesforce, are just some of the marketing programs that LiveChat is compatible with.

Prices for LiveChat plans range from $16 per month to $50 per month on a yearly basis, with the opportunity to design a bespoke plan. For an additional fee, LiveChat also provides more features like chatbots and a support desk.

JivoChat Live Chat

For those who run WordPress sites, JivoChat is more than simply a chat plugin. This WordPress plugin adds advanced marketing features that improve your interactions with customers.

JivoChat, like many other chat plugins for WordPress, simplifies chatting with customers by giving vital live chat functions. The dashboard provides quick access to all of these features, including offline messaging, phone calls, and chat routing.

The agents’ call and chat logs are automatically saved so they may look up relevant information quickly. Keep in mind that the premium edition unlocks limitless chat history, whereas the free version only stores the last two months’ worth of conversations.

This WordPress plugin has time-saving features like pre-written replies and short phrases that will help your support staff get more done in less time. Your group may save time and money by using just its internal chat feature instead of many different programs to work together.

Another feature that attracts users to JivoChat is its integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. It lets you keep tabs on client progress, add notes, and direct them to the appropriate channels. There are various restrictions on the free plan’s access to the CRM functionalities.

If you’d rather use a different customer relationship management solution, our live chat software may be integrated with a number of popular alternatives.

JivoChat has a free version that allows users access to its bare-bones functionality. If you need access to all of the premium services, however, the price jumps up to $19 a month.

Chaty by Premio


The free edition of Chaty, one of the WordPress chat plugins, provides a robust multichannel communication system.

Users may reach out to you via popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, and Telegram with the help of this chat plugin for WordPress. With this feature, clients may keep chatting with a representative even after they’ve navigated away from your WordPress site.

Additionally, this real-time chat widget allows you to showcase a variety of buttons within the chat window, including email and Google Maps. When a customer visits your website, they will see a phone symbol if they may click it to call your business.

When you install and activate this WordPress plugin, a new menu will show up in the WordPress administration area. The chat widget’s settings and available channels are configured here.

Keep in mind that unlike the other WordPress plugins on this list, Chaty does not provide stand-alone live chat functionality. This plugin must instead establish a link to one of the supported channels.

However, additional WordPress live chat solutions may be integrated with Chaty using JavaScript. These include Tawk.To, Tidio, Chatra, Formilla, and Zoho.

Chaty lets you put a personalized call-to-action message next to the chatbox, which might boost participation. In addition, you may set the frequency of the displays to best attract the attention of your target audience.

The real-time dialogue box may be adjusted to suit your needs. Colors, fonts, and effects for text chats may be customized. The position of the chat window is also customizable, as is the orientation of the chat buttons (vertical or horizontal).

Chaty also has paid subscriptions beginning at $9/month in addition to the free plan.


HubSpot is an integrated suite of marketing solutions that features live chat, analytics, and other methods of communicating with customers.

One important feature is the ability to automatically save conversations. In addition, it offers marketing automation, which triggers an instant email response to new contacts.

Additionally, you may reply to messages in the chat box without leaving the inbox. The ability to write notes, open support requests, and set up follow-up conversations is a nice bonus.

With its interaction with more than 500 applications, including live chat tools like Facebook Messenger and Slack, this WordPress plugin makes it easy to answer to consumers no matter where they are.

HubSpot can be set up quickly and easily. When you’re ready to configure the live chat widget, go to HubSpot -> Live Chat in your WordPress dashboard. The widget’s look, greeting, and availability can all be altered at the discretion of the user.

HubSpot integrates some of its settings into the WordPress dashboard, but the majority of its features, like the live chat inbox, are only accessible through its own dashboard.

It’s user-friendly and equipped with all the tools necessary for effective live chat, including user profiles, file uploads, and a ticketing system.

HubSpot’s package prices begin at $45 per month when paid for a whole year in advance. Additional features can be added to the program for an additional expense.



With the help of the Zotabox WordPress plugin, you may offer live chat assistance using Facebook Messenger. You can integrate it into your Facebook page quickly and play around with the widget’s settings to make it your own.

Using this WordPress plugin is as simple as installing it and linking it to your site and Facebook account. Facebook Messenger is used as the live chat option, while the Meta Business Suite is used for most of the administration.

Zotabox’s live chat service is only one of many helpful tools available. These include integration with other services and platforms, as well as a contact form builder and a landing page creator.

If you anticipate less than 5,000 monthly visitors to your WordPress site, Zotabox’s price levels begin at $9.09/month for the yearly payment. All of Zotabox’s features are included into this strategy from the start. Before you commit to a subscription, make use of the free trial period of 30 days.

In conclusion, what is the greatest WordPress chatbot?

All the standard chatbot benefits, such as improved and faster customer service, more website engagement, and more efficient lead creation, may be realized when a chatbot is integrated into a WordPress website. However, the greatest WordPress chatbot will also take advantage of WordPress’s other strengths, such as its zero-code installation method, to maximize the benefits of both platforms.An excellent WordPress chatbot plugin would also have to be cost-effective.

In case you find yourself with Ongoing uncertainties or a thirst for more detailed knowledge, reaching out to a local SEO consultant in the USA is an excellent avenue.


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