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As one of the best SEO consultancy service providers in the USA, we are dedicated to provide the best SEO services which are very helpful in quick organic growth of website traffic and ranking. With a high success rate and years of expertise, all the SEO-oriented campaigns would be carried out with utmost professionalism and be a success.

Why should you choose our SEO Consultancy Services?

All our SEO services are custom-designed to suit your business requirements and derive fruitful results. in terms of ROI and organic rankings, we assure you that your goods/services stand out from the competition.

Our SEO Consultants in USA are solemnly focused on generating new leads and turning them into real-time sales.

The purpose is to use organic traffic and turn the same into an authentic customer base.
We have been working for years to deliver nothing but the best and our client’s growth on Google is proof of that.
Designed to meet every client’s requirement, there’d be no compromise in quality or timely delivery.
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Advantages of Getting SEO Consultancy Services?

In today’s time when the entire world is relying on digitalization to put the brand on the map, it is hard to imagine that SEO would take a back seat. The purpose of SEO service is simple. It helps expand your business reach and make it successful.

Here is what Our SEO Consultant can do for you

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SEO Consultant – Meaning & Importance

So, before you put your faith in a SEO consultant, it is important to understand who he/she is and what is his/her role in building your brand.

By definition, a search engine optimization consultant is well-versed in the optimization of websites using target keywords so that they appear on the top results of a search engine. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of improving website visibility through organic and natural search results. A consultant is a practitioner who provides you with expert advice. So, if we talk about a market or SEO Specialist, he is responsible for providing dedicated and specialized services and working on a retainer basis.

We are your SEO consultant who offers 360° consultation services to inculcate the digital marketing strategy of your brand/business. As an SEO Consultant, firstly we’d perform a complete audit of your website, find out its current status, and assess the organic performance of your business. Using the analysis, we’d find out the best search engine optimization techniques to improve your business ranking through organic searches.

After the audit of your business is complete and all the on-site and off-site requirements are assessed, we’ll provide a thorough SEO strategy. This will help you understand the scope of work, and implementations required throughout site optimization, domain authority building, and content strategy. This would also include any fixes required in technical SEO.

Hiring a SEO specialist like us would improve efficiency, save time and cost, build a close working relationship, and feel like an agile working environment.

Our SEO Consultancy Services Include -

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO

Technical SEO consultancy and audit include the way a website is built and simplified. The website should be easy to crawl, index and render. In simpler terms, technical SEO is also termed on-page or on-site SEO. This involves everything from core web aspects to detecting crawl errors.

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO

During SEO consultancy, on-page SEO audits and recommendations help make sure that all the landing pages of your website are user-friendly. It also ensures that the content on it is of high quality and structured in a good format. This assures a better user experience.

Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO consultancy includes the audit of the website’s backlink profile, domain trust, and authority metrics. It refers to all those factors that are not a part of the website and dictate authority. These factors can influence the growth of organic ranking. One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is the backlinking.

Keywords Research

Keywords Research

Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO. We will find the best keywords for your business which will help you to increase your sales.

Link Outreach

Link Outreach

We being SEO consultants have tie-ups with professionals that help conduct link outreach and link building for the websites of our clients. This adds as a plus point for our SEO strategies.

Engagement Optimization

Engagement Optimization

We provide 100% engagement optimization, including better dwelling time and reduced bounce rate. This ensures that the visitors stay on your website and get involved in purchase or browsing activities

SEO Audits

SEO Audits

With the help of detailed SEO audits, we can judge your website’s content, competition, and backlinks. This helps identify any available opportunity to optimize the traffic and rankings.

Core Web Optimization

Core Web Optimization

Our focus on to help your business website improve and develop the core vitals. It is a part of our SEO consultancy services in which we improve the speed and performance of your website

Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery

In case there is any kind of algorithm or manual penalty on your website, we are also involved in penalty recovery. We have expertise in helping our client recover their website from the penalties of Google and manual activities. We would even assist with increasing the website rankings.

If you are searching for Top SEO consultancy services in USA, look no further as our expertise, assistance, and knowledge would give you the best results.


One of the biggest issues faced by companies is finding an online marketing company that delivers guaranteed results. SEO consultancy services in USA often come at a high price and it is time-consuming to bring real-time results. When you opt for a freelancer SEO  like us, you’d get the best results without any additional cost often levied by agencies.

Although every digital marketing consultant might perform the same steps, it all comes down to the approach, strategy, planning, and execution you carry out.

So, today’s companies are looking for SEO Specialist that can deliver quick and effective results. We work for every business, whether small, medium, or large-scale. A good and effective SEO isn’t always expensive. So, if you are looking for a switch, then we are here for you!

What Our Clients Say

Bill Smith

Bill Smith
CEO of Knockerball

Gurleen is a delight to work with, very professional and diligent. Definitely recommend her for helping with SEO optimization.

Sam Barheini Entrepreneur, Retail Innovator

Sam Barheini
Entrepreneur, Retail Innovator

Very satisfied with the work produced. Hardeep was very responsive and did great work within the specified guidelines and timelines. Thanks for your effort

Zachary Onyemaenu

I am very pleased with Gurleen’s work. She is very attentive and diligent and committed to delivering satisfaction to her customers. I highly recommend her.

setisfied clinet with SEO servics

Rafael Ferreira
Marketing Expert

Gurleen is an experienced SEO consultant, being always willing and open to do her job in the best possible way, demonstrating an amazing ability to adapt to the requirements we had for our new website.

Joshua Tow
Director at TTra

Hardeep is upgraded engineer who is very clear in his approach, swift, knowledge, to the point, stick to the schedules and reliable. I am more than happy with his wor. Highly recommended

Jasanvir Singh
Marketing Expert

Hardeep is very cooperative freelancer. I would like to work with him in the future again. Highly recommended

Top Rated SEO Specialist In The USA

We are one of the best SEO consultants in USA with years of experience.

The online presence of your company would show the difference between growth and decline. If your company cannot be seen in the top 3 search results of Google, then you’re constantly losing out on 60% market share and traffic. The chances of your website getting a click or share are not more than 10%.
As a leading expert in SEO services, we have helped several clients improve their Google performance and mobile search, that too organically.

Skilled SEO Consultant for Your Brand Growth

As professional SEO Strategist in USA, we bring years of expertise and knowledge to the table. Since technology is ever-evolving, we are even well-versed in the future techniques of how organic searches can be used to grow your business.

 A knowledgeable SEO Specialist believes in thorough research and testing methodologies that keep on evolving. Since search engine algorithms keep on changing, it is important to learn how our implemented search engine optimization techniques would be perfect for the coming time. It would be useful when Google along with other search engines improve their algorithms and businesses have to keep up with them to stay relevant in the digital market.

As your SEO Consultant, we’d be responsible for carrying out the –

  1. Marketing strategy
  2. Key performance indicator (KPI) for growth
  3. Mind map of digital marketing
  4. SEO implementation strategy
  5. Keyword research and persona map for the target audience
Here you can always expect high-quality SEO consultancy services as We are completely dedicated to your business and website needs. We even ensure that time is effectively utilized and the budget is spent efficiently. This helps improve the ranking results of your website and gain better ROI within a sustainable timeline.
If you’d like to connect and know more, get in touch with me and we would provide you with the quotation and proposal. We can always tailor-make the SEO services to suit your requirement.

Do You Want Your Business on Top of Google?

Let’s get in touch and work together. We will conduct a performance audit to understand marketplace visibility. We’d send you a detailed prospect of what I can do for your business and brand as a whole.

SEO Consultancy Services for Effective and Timely Results

The reason you have arrived here is probably that either your SEO Consultant or  agency isn’t delivering the results that you expected. It might also be possible that you are new to this and looking for some direction and guidance. Do you require marketing services for your business or improved search engine rankings? Is your current SEO campaign failing to deliver results?

Well, firstly let’s understand that search engine optimization is not only about websites now. As google algorithms are changing and digitalization is upgrading at a swift pace, you need to think out of the box.

Factors such as location, semantic search, mobile, voice recognition, and user behaviour along with other factors are evolving continuously and it is important to properly align your website’s HTML pages and refine the keywords. It would take more than simply tweaking the content a little to get results. To influence Google results, you have to properly analyze the online properties, profile the traffic, and understand the content. As your business’ SEO consultant, we would work with you to set up a comprehensive strategy that helps achieve all the objectives of your business.

So, don’t wait anymore, and let’s start your SEO journey. Gain better growth across different search engines including Bing and Google. Put your website on top through keywords that hold value and look meaningful.

As we follow the best and most effective SEO strategies, we always find out factors that would affect the search engine ranking of your business. Factors like high-quality links, technical SEO practices, and long-form content would speed  up the growth that you might not be getting with other SEO Specialist in the USA.

Why Hire A Freelance SEO Consultant Over an Agency?

One question that many business owners ask is why opt for freelancing consultation services instead of a full-fledged agency? The main advantage is the kind of transparency we provide and the reduced cost. You’ll see that our Search engine optimization services are always custom-made, cost-effective, and transparent from start to end.

For years we have worked for different companies and have demonstrated our abilities. As we have talked about the importance of SEO for brand building, we look forward to helping you grow the business and carve its separate niche in the digital market.

Our approach is to simply optimize your content for users and make sure that it matches the Google algorithms.

Connect with Reliable SEO Consultant In The USA Today!

Curious about our SEO consultancy services? Expand your reach and put your website on the top searches of Google. Before we begin working, you can always call for a demo. We will initiate the website assessment, find out the most relevant keywords, and understand the competition in the market.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method to increase the visibility of your website on Google, Bing, and other search engines. With SEO, keyword rankings are increased to drive the organic visibility of your brand. The main focus of SEO is to generate traffic and exclude paid or referral traffic.

What’s the Need to Hire an SEO Specialist in USA?

SEO isn’t only restricted to following Google algorithms and staying on top. It also means putting yourself ahead of the competition. Every business hires an SEO expert to implement a well-planned strategy and working on SEO is now an important part of any marketing mix. If you hire an SEO consultant with knowledge and expertise, you’d get the insights and assistance that you need.

What Do We Do?

SEO consultancy services are involved in assisting brand websites to rank better. We look at the relevance, performance, and quality of the business for improvement. A mix of performance enhancement, SEO content writing, link building, and technical SEO is carried out.

How Much Time Does It Take to See SEO Results?

SEO is not a short-time project or process. It is focused on changing user behaviour for the benefit of your business. This helps deliver long-term and regular results with a regular flow of traffic on the website. This helps convert the visitors into seals. In the initial weeks of an SEO strategy, you’d see results on Google with low-value keywords. After some time, you’d see a ranking on the targeted keywords.

Is SEO Useful for Local Businesses in USA?

Irrespective of the business size, SEO helps achieve a better ranking. It brings qualitative prospects to your website, even if you have a small-scale business. SEO assists start-ups, local businesses, and small businesses to build a better online presence and beat the competitors. It also helps with brand awareness and pulling potential customers to your website. Your website would be present on the 1st page of Google results. With our services, you can see a rise in search traffic.

Is a Full-time SEO Consultant Useful?

Many businesses plan to hire a full-time SEO company but it’s cost would always be higher. You can hire an full time freelance SEO consultant to bring the same results at a lesser cost.

International SEO Planning

Is your business looking to grow outside the country? Our SEO consultancy services will help you to grow your business outside the country. With the help of international market keyword research, international market analysis, and competitor analysis your international SEO can be put into action.

Does SEO Help in New Business?

Yes’ SEO is very helpful for a new business. Search engine optimization is very helpful to improve the visibility and searchability of a new website. SEO works towards conversion rate and user experience optimization. With better traffic and google ranking, you can expect new sales, revenue, and inquiries.

How to Find the Best SEO Consultancy Services in USA?

This question is subjective but the answer is quite simple. An SEO Consultancy that brings results through the right strategy is the best. It would always use sustainable and effective strategies to drive organic results and improve your brand awareness.

What’s the Cost of an SEO Consultant?

Since our packages are always custom-made, the cost of the SEO Consultancy Services isn’t fixed. It depends on the entire strategy and methods opted to get the ranking for your business.

What Do We Do Differently That the Other Consultancy Services Don’t?

Our SEO Consultants believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity with our customers. We take a holistic and realistic approach toward your business and use different methods to find out what works for you. We don’t believe in guaranteeing quick results or misdirecting you about what SEO is, we help your website rank within the provided budget.

Is SEO Not Relevant Anymore?

Living in a digital age means following its rules. One of them includes SEO and it cannot be irrelevant. SEO is a growing industry as people are now continuously shifting online for purchasing goods and services. This has fueled the importance of SEO in every business.

How Long Do I Need to Do SEO?

SEO strategies need 6 months to a year to show significant results. But the exact duration depends on the keywords, your brand, and the competition present in that particular sector of the market.
Hire us as your SEO consultant

Hire Us as Your SEO Consultant in USA

We have years of experience and using the same, we perform the right organic search engine optimization. Our team ensures that the latest Google algorithms and updates are followed so that your brand doesn’t turn irrelevant. Our methods deliver long-term results and we focus on reputation and sustainability.
Our team works use the top CMS platforms to make the most of your website and bring organic traffic consistently. We have worked with the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bling for new updates.
The approach is to use a strong method and optimize search engines. This would combine crisp content writing and qualitative landing pages. Clients join hands with our SEO consultancy services because we are –