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Check Out The Best SEO Tools for WordPress

best SEO tools for wordpress

One of the most popular advertising methods in use today is search engine optimization (SEO). If you take the time to optimize your site for search engines, it will rise in the rankings. However, there are a variety of resources and instruments that might help you climb the ranks. 

Using WordPress as your CMS means you have access to several search engine optimization (SEO) plugins. Learning more about these SEO tools is beneficial whether your goal is to include external apps or make the most of the tools already at your disposal. 

This article will examine three broad classes of search engine optimization (SEO) software. Improving your search engine results is another area of focus. Are you prepared to optimize now?

The Ultimate Set of WordPress SEO Tools

You can utilize the links below if you need a fast rundown of the top search engine optimization (SEO) tools for WordPress users, or any user. Keep reading to discover everything from keyword research features to SEO search volume ranks if you’d rather not go through the exhaustive study yourself.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Seo tool graphIf you’re looking for a single SEO tool that can handle everything, go no further than Ahrefs. The main aim is to help you learn more about your rivals so that you may steal their best ideas for keywords and backlinks. It’s also useful for finding keywords that your rivals might be overlooking. 

Checking referring domains, organic keywords, and paid keywords is a breeze using the Ahrefs dashboard’s many tickers, charts, and graphs, as seen in the screenshot. Yes, it’s quite costly (beginning at $99 per month for one user), but it’s widely regarded as one of the top SEO tools on the web, so an online shop or blog could easily make that money back. In fact, it assisted us in removing the aftermath of a malicious SEO campaign.

Because it has its own standalone site explorer and dashboard, Ahrefs may be used for websites that aren’t built using WordPress.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • When it comes to keyword research tools, Ahrefs is without peer.
  • It contains one of the largest collections of backlink data on the Internet, and we use it for a wide variety of purposes.
  • You may monitor your standing in relation to competitors in the same industry on the web with this tool.
  • Since you can look up themes depending on what you offer or discuss on your site, coming up with content ideas is a breeze.
  • Finding out which sites connect to your rivals allows you to reach out to the same sites (or ones like them).
  • Ahrefs displays the social media users who are engaging with your brand.
  • Multiple notifications can be set up to inform you of the addition or removal of a backlink. Discovering fresh search terms and online buzz is another wonderful use.

2. GrowthBar Best Seo tool- Growthbar

With just a few clicks, you can use GrowthBar to research keywords, analyze your competitors’ backlinks and Google Ads performance, and come up with ideas for new blog posts. The tool is especially useful for bloggers and other content providers. In fact, unlike other SEO software, GrowthBar includes a content creation component. You may use this to plan out articles with the right keywords, introductory paragraphs, and more.

The drag-and-drop editor included in GrowthBar is both innovative and well-suited to WordPress. The GrowthBar platform is driven by a tool developed using Open AI, which means the tool uses the most advanced language model yet created. As a result, the tool’s results and suggestions will continually evolve to meet your evolving needs.

The intuitive UI and extensive data sets make it accessible to users of all technical abilities. This effective SEO instrument is available to solopreneurs, small firms, and freelancers alike.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • The content creation features of GrowthBar may be used to reduce workload.
  • You may save time by having your team of writers work more efficiently by exporting article outlines to Google Docs.
  • An extensive database of suggested keywords and links is included.
  • The interface is modern and straightforward.

3. Accuranker

Best SEO tool- Accuranker

Accuranker handles keyword tracking, whereas Ahrefs specializes in research for both keywords and backlinks. The foundation of the method is the monitoring of your SEO positions and the keywords that improve such positions. It’s cheaper than Ahrefs, however keep in mind that it’s a different kind of SEO tool. Here at Kinsta, we use Accuranker to keep an eye on how well our content marketing is doing on search engine results pages.

You may monitor up to 600 keywords with Accuranker for as little as $44.95 every month. The program may be used on an unlimited number of domains, and one rival can be monitored. These figures increase with the purchase of higher-tier plans, such as the agency or enterprise tiers.

Accuranker is used to monitor Bing and Google since it consistently provides accurate daily results based on keywords and other parameters.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • Keywords are monitored on a daily basis. However, you may also choose to manually update your keyword positions whenever you choose. This is a top-notch quality! This functionality is typically restricted in keyword tracking software.
  • Local establishments may be tracked by selecting the location (city, state, or zip code) of their customers.
  • You may review past results to see how far you’ve come or how a certain term has fared over time.
  • Additional analytics data for each term, such traffic potential, traffic per keyword, and search volume, strengthens the keyword tracking.
  • You may create a report template for future use simply by dragging and dropping things into the SEO tool’s automatic reporting section. That way, you can always get the report you need, no matter when you need to download it.
  • You may see where you stand in relation to local, mobile, and desktop keyword searches.

4. Semrush

Best SEO tool- Semrush

If you’re new to SEO and don’t want to feel overwhelmed, Semrush features a straightforward interface that you can use right away. Still expensive (from $99.95/month), but you get some useful analytics for an entire domain for nothing. However, before you can access this content, you must create an account, and the upsells will begin immediately after.

The main areas of interest for Semrush are organic traffic, sponsored traffic, social media, and content. The bulk of your research should be focused on the technical side of your SEO audit. Position tracking is accurate in the same way that Accuranker is, and competitive knowledge is presented in an approachable manner.

The analytical features offered by Semrush are a major selling point. The comparison between sponsored and organic traffic is quite well done. We also like the study of your ad approach, which should lead to an increase in traffic as you learn to effectively place your Google ads.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • The user interface is straightforward enough that even a novice could pick it up quickly.
  • Most of the SEO necessities for a small to medium-sized firm are met by Semrush. Both your own website and those of your competitors will be used in the keyword research that follows the thorough competitor analysis.
  • If you have several clients and need to conduct reports and analytics, this is the tool for you. The reports appear as good as any in the industry and can be sent to anyone, no matter where they are.

5. KWFinder

Best SEO Tool-Accuranker

Those on a tighter budget will appreciate KWFinder’s lower prices. The monthly fee begins at $29.08. Keyword analysis, search engine results page analysis, rank tracking, and backlink analysis are all a part of this. The most expensive plan is $79.08 a month and allows for unlimited searches and tracking of up to ten keywords. A free account is available, however it only allows for five searches each day. This may work for a personal blog, but not much else.

KWFinder’s UI is bright and simple to use, and the rankings are presented in a way that even newcomers can grasp. The main functions are keyword suggestions for your site and a comparison to the sites of your main rivals.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • There is no simpler user interface available.
  • It appears that the search volumes are more reliable than those provided by other keyword planning and searching tools currently available.
  • The rates are competitive, and a trial version is available for testing purposes.
  • Those who aren’t going to be studying hundreds of keywords each day will find the keyword difficulty score to be not only more rational than the competition, but also ideal.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Best SEO tool- Google keyword planner

If you don’t want to pay money on a keyword research tool but still need some muscle behind your SEO strategy, Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start. Many internet advertisers employ this method to determine which keywords are worth bidding on. The hyper-local search volume feature in Google Keyword Planner is a must-have for the owners of small, locally-focused enterprises. eCommerce businesses may use this tool to better reach their target audience by narrowing in on specific demographics.

The fundamental issue is that it uses averages rather than clear patterns. However, you may use Google Trends alongside this to identify effective terms. However, a premium tool is the way to go if you want more precise information.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • Businesses concerned with local search rankings may have a lot of fun with the available geographical tools.
  • Because it doesn’t need any integration and the data can be easily cross-referenced with other tools, Yoast SEO is among the finest SEO plugins for WordPress.
  • By using Google’s own Keyword Planner, you’ll be tapping into a tool developed by the creators of the most popular search engine.
  • The Google Keyword Planner is a free service.
  • You may use the Google Keyword Planner to submit a list of keywords and obtain predictions for your campaigns before you even start running Google Ads with them.

7. Moz Open Site Explorer and Pro

Best seo tool-MOZ

The domain authority statistic is what really put Moz on the map. Since Google has ceased updating PageRank, SEOs have turned to other measures, such as Moz’s domain authority and Ahrefs’ domain rating, to swiftly assess a site’s potential SEO strength.

You may use Moz Open Site Explorer for free with certain restrictions if you don’t want to pay for more features. Inbound links, most visited pages, linked domains, and more can all be found and analyzed with a simple search of your own website. To safeguard your website and investigate potential link-building avenues based on your actions and those of your rivals, you may do a spam analysis. Anchor text is a part of Moz that shows you the keywords your site may be ranking for.

Moz Pro, which provides access to further data and capabilities, may be purchased for a monthly fee of $149. Although that’s a bit steep, the suite is powerful and ideal for newcomers to the world of search engine optimization. Similar features, such a keyword explorer, may be found in the paid version.

You might make the case that Moz offers all the essential features an SEO tool should have. It’s hard to find fault with anything it does, from domain research to offsite SEO to competition analysis to keyword tracking.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • If you run a business with a local focus, Moz Local is another alternative.
  • The free Moz tool has several SEO features.
  • Additionally, their free MozBar plugin allows you to view a site’s domain authority right in your browser’s toolbar.
  • Many users have complained about the cumbersome design, but it truly shines when it comes to analyzing technical SEO data and benchmarking against the competition.

8. SEOquake

Best SEO tool- SeoQuake

SEOquake is unlike any other SEO tool because the bulk of the work is performed by a Chrome extension. A simple web browser tab is all that’s needed to do an on-page SEO analysis. You may also compare URLs and domains in real time, as well as examine both incoming and outgoing connections.

Plus, you can take all of this information and export it from SEOquake into a file to use in another app or share with colleagues. At first glance, a basic Chrome extension might not seem like enough for your SEO needs, but the quantity of data packed into such a little plugin is actually very astounding. URLs, titles, servers, and meta descriptions are only some of the data that may be viewed. The social activity and Alexa Pagerank are excellent bonuses.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • The SEOquake tool is available as a free, straightforward Chrome addon. However, a Semrush account might be useful if you’re looking for more information.
  • It’s a convenient alternative to using a complicated control panel to get SEO data.
  • The SEOquake Firefox add-on is another viable alternative.
  • SEO information may be printed and exported.

9. Copyscape

Best SEO tool- copyscape

The sad reality of today is that if you create high-quality material, someone will always try to replicate it for their personal gain. This is a common occurrence for us at Kinsta. As of this writing, we are dealing with four DMCA takedown notices and related lawsuits. Have no idea whether your work has been plagiarized. Here’s where we recommend using the Copyscape service.

Copyscape basically crawls the web to look for duplicate content. Everything is calculated on the basis of a percentage match, such as 80% word-for-word, 50% with partial matches, etc. You shouldn’t let someone else get the credit for your hard work, even though Google is fairly clever about duplicate content concerns and prioritizing the original.

Regular checks may be performed with the free version, while more sites can be monitored with the premium version (which costs money).

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • If you’re concerned about potential content duplication, you may have Copyscape check your sitemap file and send you an email alert if it discovers any matches.
  • Since its inception in 2007, Copyscape has been widely regarded as the web’s premier plagiarism detection tool.
  • The simplest of its kind to use. Simply enter in your text or URL and it will instantly be compared to the whole web.

10. Keywords Everywhere

You may do keyword analysis using a wide variety of resources. Keyword recommendation tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Ahrefs will provide more data than you can ever conceive.

On the other hand, you may be researching individual keywords. Keywords Everywhere is useful for this precise purpose.

This add-on for Chrome and Firefox provides access to statistics for all Google queries. The standard search results are supplemented by additional information such as keyword difficulty, search history data, keyword recommendations, and more.

The free version is compatible with both Google and Bing and provides extensive search results. other features and integration with other services, such as YouTube, Amazon, and more, are available in the paid edition.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • Quickly gain access to keyword information after installing Keywords Everywhere.
  • If you use Google or Bing to look up anything, you’ll get a wealth of results.
  • When compared to more time-consuming programs like Keyword Planner, this one allows you to swiftly research relevant keywords and evaluate their complexity.
  • For each query entered, Keywords Everywhere will provide numerous relevant keyword ideas (if there is sufficient data).

11. Similarweb

You’ll like this Chrome add-on if you frequently visit your rivals’ online properties. Search engine optimization (SEO) data for any website may be accessed using Similarweb. This data includes worldwide rank, traffic over time, bounce rate, average visit duration, and more.

Similarweb is a free browser plugin that provides a wealth of information about each website you visit. To use it, simply click the extension’s icon while you’re on a website, and it will load the desired content in a new tab.

In addition to its other benefits, Similarweb’s addon reveals which search engines provide the most visitors to any given website. You may use it to find out whether a page relies mostly on organic search, direct traffic, referrals, social media, email links, or display advertisements for its audience growth. That data can tell you, at a glance, which of your rivals’ traffic strategies is working best and whether or not you need to alter your own.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • Using Similarweb, you can rapidly find SEO data for any page you’re interested in.
  • You can see statistics like the number of visitors and how often they return to your site.
  • The add-on reveals the questions that interested users are asking.
  • The origins of a website’s visitors are easily discoverable.

12. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a potent instrument for locating keyword ideas, popular topics, and queries being asked by online users. The range of social media tools available on the platform makes it easy to locate and connect with the most influential people in any field.

Using BuzzSumo, you can see which posts perform best on different social media. Combining it with keyword and traffic statistics from other places gives you a full picture of the kinds of material that people are eager to spread around.

BuzzSumo also displays the number of referring domains for a given post or page. Looking into popular link targets might tell you what your own content is lacking and assist you get more visitors.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • BuzzSumo is a great resource for analyzing the success of content across several social media channels.
  • BuzzSumo can help you locate and connect with prominent members of your target audience.
  • Find out what others are talking about and what queries they have by using this tool.

13. Keyword Insights

Best Seo tool- Keyword Insight


It’s not hard to find possible keywords to use. Finding out which keywords are good options, however, is a another story. It’s possible that certain keywords have too much competition, while others don’t have enough search traffic. Additionally, not every term may be useful for your intended location.

If you have a list of keywords, Keyword Insights will tell you what other search phrases you should optimize for on the same page. It will also recommend which choices might be best served by custom content.

To sum up, you may use this to create groups of related terms. By not combining search phrases that have more potential on their own, you may increase the potential traffic for each page without cannibalizing traffic.

For each term, term Insights may recommend the type of content you should create. It produces this information by deducing the motivations behind users’ keyword choices through an analysis of search intent.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • Input keyword lists into Keyword Insights, and the tool will provide guidance on where and when to employ them.
  • You can choose to create smaller groups of related keywords from massive ones.
  • Insight into user intent behind keyword searches yields content creation ideas.

14. Ubersuggest

Although there are many excellent free keyword-finding tools available, Ubersuggest is among the best. This program doesn’t offer as much raw data as Google’s Keyword Planner, but it displays what it does offer in a far more digestible fashion.

The keyword popularity, competitiveness, and similar search phrases may all be examined with Ubersuggest. In addition to providing an estimate of traffic, the number of backlinks, and the amount of social shares, the tool will also provide some of the highest-ranking material for each term.

In addition to keyword research, Ubersuggest also provides domain-level analytics so you can gauge a site’s success. You’ll get access to a wealth of data, such as popularity and traffic rankings for keywords and top sites.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • If you’re intimidated by the intricacy of keyword research tools, Ubersuggest simplifies everything for you.
  • Use this tool to discover high-performing content for your target keywords and get ideas for similar search terms.
  • The best-performing content of your competitors may be analyzed with the help of Ubersuggest.

15. SpyFu

SpyFu logo

There are a number of tools you may use to investigate rival sites and learn about their SEO performance. Competitive analysis is an afterthought in the majority of SEO tools. However, SpyFu is all about sneaking into your rivals’ homes and observing their daily routines.

Simply input the URL you’re interested in, and the tool will provide you with a comprehensive SEO report. You can see if a site has increased or decreased in rank, if it is getting more organic or bought traffic, and much more.

Using Spyfu, you can spy on your rivals’ top search phrases and sites, as well as the keywords they most frequently discuss among themselves. The program even provides a detailed organic ranking history chart that accounts for changes to the search algorithm. That way, you can observe the results of the adjustments on their organic traffic. The best thing is that all of this data is presented in a concise, one-page report.

Our Opinions on This SEO Software

  • SpyFu simplifies the time-consuming process of competition research by presenting all the crucial SEO indicators you need to know in a compact, easy-to-read report.
  • You may monitor the percentage of organic versus sponsored traffic your rivals receive.
  • With SpyFu, you can spy on any website’s most popular keywords and pages.
  • Search engine ranking and traffic data from the past might reveal the effects of algorithm changes on your competition.

How to choose the best SEO tools for you?

You should take stock of your SEO requirements before making a final decision on a suitable SEO solution. A program that is intuitive and includes helpful lessons for new users is preferable when you’re just starting out. However, a sophisticated tool is more useful if you are an experienced digital marketer. The scope of your enterprise is an important factor to think about. The requirements of new website owners will vary from those of small and medium-sized organizations to those of major corporations. An SEO tool with robust collaboration possibilities is recommended if several individuals will be working together on the same project. You can also hire Seo Consultant in the starting to get better results.


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